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Camping with Canines

Camping with Canines 2018-08-03 13:35:39

Camping With Canines

Around 6.5 million of us have a canine friend in the family, and when it comes to going on holiday we often have to leave our favourite furry companion in kennels or with a trusted loved one. Going on camping trips is a great way around this so that your best friend is involved too. Taking your dog camping with you will go smoother if they are well trained and trusted to behave in an open environment with lots of new people and smells.

Gearing Up

You need to make sure you’ve packed everything you need for your trip, from a suitably sized tent and chairs to food and lighting. It can easily become expensive but regularly investing in camping items that will then last for years of trips is the best option. You could look into spreading the cost monthly leading up to your trip to make sure you have everything you’ll need. 60% of Brits prefer to pitch their tents in August when the sun is shining, so making sure you’ve packed everything to keep your dog happy and healthy in the heat is vital. Carrying a bowl and bottle of water for them when exploring will ensure they stay hydrated and bring a dog first aid kit for emergencies.

Your Dog’s Dinner

Your dog is joining in on your trip, so it can be tempting to want them to share the whole experience with you, including your campfire cooked meal. It’s important to keep your dog’s diet the same as usual for a several reasons. Human food can be dangerous for dogs and unfamiliar foods can cause digestive problems. While the different smells of your meal will likely get your pets attention, your dog will be happy with their usual food. Keeping the routine for your dog around meals will help them understand what you expect from them. If they are used to eating dry food, then this is an ideal option for camping as it makes less mess and won’t need storing in a fridge.

Sleeping Arrangements

Dogs enjoy their creature comforts as much as we do, so it can be stressful and overwhelming for your dog to sleep in a different environment. If they always sleep in a crate or in their own pet bed, then it’s a good idea to bring these along with you. Your dog can be in your tent but will understand that when you tell them to go to their crate or bed that it’s time to sleep. Dogs sleep more than we do, usually 12-14 hours a day, so make sure they have somewhere quiet and comfortable to doze during the day too.

Dogs love the great outdoors and we love our dogs, so a camping holiday together is always a good idea. Having all the equipment you need and keeping a familiar routine for your dog is key to you both having a happy trip. Lots of smells and new people who could give them a pat on the head are very tempting for your dog, so make sure you’re aware of where your dog is at all times to ensure their safety and enjoyment.

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