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Too Bouncy!

Too Bouncy! 2017-05-21 12:40:53

Too Bouncy!

Is your dog over bouncy, over enthusiastic or lacking concentration? Then it could be his diet. These days there is so much choice when it comes to feeding your dog with different ideas of what is best. Raw, home cooked, vegetarian, high meat, working dog, grain free, heavily advertised brands ... The list is endless!

Some of the training & behavioural problems I have observed over the years have been clearly linked to diet. 

Here is my quick checklist of diet related training/behaviour problems I have observed in both puppies and adult dogs:

  • Dog is constantly scavenging and seems distracted. 
  • Over bouncy, endless energy and enthusiasm (also could be lack of exercise)
  • Lacking concentration when learning new commands
  • Pulling hard on the lead
  • Poor recall 
  • Eating their own poo or other dogs (cophragia)
  • Eating soil or compost and stones
  • Drinking too much (food can be salty as salt is a cheap way to make food interesting)

There are physical signs too such as being smelly (smelling very doggy), poor coat condition, scratching, overweight or underweight

I believe in the right balance of nutrition for your dog and feeding according to their exercise levels and age.

The quality of ingredients going into the food is very important and this is where as a consumer we have to trust the information written on the side of the dog food bag. The problem I also see is dog owners over analysing dog food products using comparison sites. 

My checklist for choosing a food:

  • Cost
  • A named meat (not derivatives of animals ) check out my own Motivate ingredients
  • Consider any diet related problems my dog may have (intolerances)
  • Protein level (20 - 25 % for an adult dog getting average exercise, 29% for a puppy)
  • Good percentage of meat 20 - 40%
  • Wheat free
  • Not coloured food or one that smells very highly flavoured ( some big brands coat the food in a sticky flavouring)
  • Additive free
  • The addition of seaweed and salmon oil can also be good to help calm your dog (iodine and essential fatty acids)
  • Not being influenced by the marketing blurb too much! (ancestral diets, scientifically formulated, special vet diets)
  • Packaging is not important to me. Good food can come in very plain packaging!

I always try a new food for at least two weeks and if my dogs seem happy, not too bouncy,concentrating well , not too smelly,the toilet department is good and they're not emptying the water dish every 5 minutes then I'm happy!

In conclusion if you fnd your dog lacking attention at the next training lesson try a change of food it may be a simple and cheap fix



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