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Dog Head Control Lead

Dog Head Control Lead
  • Model: CPS-Halter
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Slip lead & Training lead in one
Slip Lead Mode. The metal adjuster stops the sudden choking action of a typical slip lead. At the point where you have placed the metal adjuster, this is the correct setting for your dog's neck size, and it's the point where the choking action will be halted, giving you a slip lead that works without tightening around your dogs neck.
Figure 8 Training Mode.Thread the lead through the Figure 8 adjuster, so that it slips around the neck & snout of the dog. Works by a simple pressure & release system, which humanely stops your dog from pulling.

13mm x 150cm (Med-Lge Dogs) 
13mm x 120cm (Med-Lge Dogs)
10mm x 150cm (SM- Med Dogs) 

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