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Green&Wilds Eco-Insect Dog Bakes 130g

Green&Wilds Eco-Insect Dog Bakes 130g
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Our greenest treat yet!  Super sustainable - Super Eco-friendly...Yay!!

Love your dog - Love your planet....

Our insect protein-based treats are not only good for your dog, but they are also super great for the environment.  Eco-insect is an incredibly high quality protein, but at a fraction of the environmental impact of other protein sources.  Insect protein production uses 92% less land, 99% less water and produces 99.96% less greenhouse gasses compared to beef farming!  Wow!  That makes these treats super eco-friendly and super sustainable.  Now can truly love your dog and love your planet.

Why it's soooooo good:

Super planet  Friendly

Excellent source of High-Quality Protein

Good for digestive health

High in vitamins C and A

Promotes healthy skin, coat, eyes nerves and muscles.

Contains essential Iron and Potassium.

No sweeteners, grain, gluten or preservatives

Low cholesterol


Potato, mealworms (25%), sweet potato, beetroot, black soldier fly larvae (5%), carrot, celery, pumpkin

Analytical Information:

Raw protein 22.9%; raw fat 6.8%; raw fibre 4.2%; raw ash 4.5%; calcium 0.21%; phosphor 0.33%


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