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Vet Bedding in Grey

Vet Bedding in Grey
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Traditional Puppy Soft Vet Bedding – Grey

Highest quality vet bedding in Europe

Hygienic, no-irritant and non-allergenic ideal for puppys, whelping, and kittening.

Deeper Pile for added heat retention

Durable double woven backing

Better than puppy pads for toilet training 

Water absorbent, quick draining and drying, keeping your pet warm and dry
30mm polyester pile depth with green woven backing
(please note this product is most suitable for use in crates or other enclosed spaces)
Can be washed at 90°C for antibacterial wash, however we recommend washing at 30°C. Please use non – biological detergent
Made in England
Product Benefits
Premium quality 
100% polyester pile fabric
Absorbent backing keeps your pet dry after any accidents
Double woven backing to strengthen core to reduce effects of chewing
30mm dense pile height for extra comfort
Non-irritant and hygienic for sensitive pets
Made in England

Product Information
Traditional Vet bedding is a reliable addition for any dog or cat owner, breeder or within the veterinary industry. With its moisture retentive properties, the vet bed keeps your pet warm and dry and is suitable for nursing and old/ill animals. Also a great addition to any crate, kennel or car for daily use. 
Recommended Uses
This product is suitable for pets from young to old age, and those with allergies or prone to accidents. Please note this product is not ‘non slip’ and is most suitable for small spaces or in kennels, boxes, cars etc. 
Size Guide
Available in pre-cut pieces
Care Guide
Can be washed at 90°C for antibacterial wash, however we recommend washing at 30°C
Hang to air dry or tumble dry on a low temperature cycle
Brush/ vacuum to remove dried dirt

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