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Don't Eat That!

Don't Eat That! 2017-05-18 21:09:25

Don't Eat That!

Most dog-owners know that there are some things that, if consumed, could make their dog very sick - chocolate and cooked chicken bones to name a few. However, many also know someone who has had an expensive trip to the vet after their dog has eaten something they shouldn't.  Often the advice is just to watch carefully and the offending food or article will just need to work its way out of the dog's system - one way or another...so it may be wise to take extra poo bags on a walk! But if you're at all worried then give your vet a call.

  What about some non-food items that are usually found around the home?  Often we know about things that are harmful to humans, but may not realise that they could be even more dangerous for our four-legged friends.  This useful guide details common household toxins that may affect your dog and cause sickness. 

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