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Chicken - Raw food for dogs with Bone & Offal 1KG

Chicken -  Raw food for dogs with Bone & Offal 1KG

Chicken - Raw food for dogs with Bone & Offal 1KG
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    Fallon's Raw Frozen food for dogs is made using single-source protein, produced in Scotland using locally sourced ingredients

    80% British Chicken

    10% Chicken Organ Meat 

    10% Chicken Bone

    Raw Frozen food has great benefits including helping your dog's fur, skin, digestion and all-round general health.

    For all breeds of dog

    Grain Free

    Feeding Guide:

    If feeding dry kibble then gradually switch over which can take around a week.

    However you can feed one of our high quality grain free dry foods along with Raw, but probably on different days.

    How much to feed?

    The rule with Raw feeding has always been a minimum of 2% of your dog's body weight a day. Here is a guide:

    Dog's Weight

    1-4 kg = 50 to 150 grams

    4-10 kg = 150 to 300 grams

    10-25 kg = 250 to 500 grams

    25-45 kg = 500 grams to 1 kg 

    Above that weight then it 2% of your dog's weight a day

    Defrost before feeding

    Once defrosted treat it as any raw meat  and you  can keep it for up to 72 hours in a refrigerator

    Always observe standard hygiene when handling raw meat


    Chicken with Bone: Chicken Carcass, Chicken Trim

    Analytical Constituents:

    Moisture 67.8%, Protein 15.5%, Fat 14.7%, Ash 2.6%, Fibre 0.2%.

    Nutritional Additives:



    Delivery by courier - please freeze as soon as possible after delivery

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