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Small Dogs and how to treat them.

Small Dogs and how to treat them. 2021-02-10 11:31:11

Small Dogs and how to treat them.

We all love small dogs for many different reasons and often they are treated as child substitutes as newborns are the exact size of many small dogs.

They are very easy to pick up and carry around, hold on our lap and snuggle within our beds.  When they whimper or whine, our human reaction is to comfort them just as we would a human infant. 
We must re-frame or rethink our attitudes...
Signs of Small Dog Syndrome

  1. Does your dog rule the roost? She knows she’s in charge of the house and you follow her rules. She barks and you jump up to do what she wants.

  2. Does she bark at every dog she passes? It doesn’t matter about the size of dog —your precious little pooch snarls when another dog crosses her path.

  3. Does she beg for food? She will sit, stare, and whine until you share with her from your plate. And she may start ignoring her regular food in favour of your tasty treats.

  4. Does she growl, snap or jump on people?

  5. Does she not bother walking? Why would she walk if she has you to carry her everywhere!

Keith’s Top Small Dog Tips

Tip 1 - Treat your small breed as a dog. Despite their size, they are more than capable of handling themselves like larger breeds.

Tip 2 - Training small dogs is just as much important as training large dogs. Owners should pay more attention to training their small dogs because they need more time and effort.

Tip 3 - Exercise and mental stimulation are important for good behaviour. Exercise helps to keep your pet physically fit, mentally secure, socially engaged and emotionally happy.

Tip 4 - Picking your dog up is not a good idea when meeting other dogs unless they’re in obvious danger. Small breeds develop their own coping strategies.

Tip 5 - Overfeeding. Small breeds generally do well on one meal a day and it’s very easy to overfeed which can lead to health problems.

Tip 6 - Over bathing. We all like our pooch to look cute and clean and smell pleasant but be careful of over bathing which could possibly lead to skin problems as their natural oils are stripped away.

Our Small Dog Product Range

At Cotswold Pet Supplies, we go above and beyond to source only the best products to keep your small dog happy and healthy.

Cute Wooden Dog Bowl

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Available in different sizes and colours.

Specially developed for pampered pets.

Small Bite Chicken & Sweet Potato Grain Free

Fallon's small bite chicken with sweet potato grain-free. All natural recipe for small breeds. UK sourced ingredients. Hypoallergenic, high meat content, complete & balanced.

Walk Your Dog With Love - Sportso Doggo Luxury Harness

The Sportso Doggo Dog Harness is our most popular dog harness. It has everything the original dog harness has PLUS it is made with a softer, smoother and more robust Satin-Finish Nylon that you and your dog will love.

Also, BE SEEN in high visibility Neon colours (like Hunter Orange) or Look Sharp in luxurious Jewel Tones. 

Handmade Peanut & Carob Stars

Carob Is Healthy, Low Fat And Low-Calorie Alternative to Chocolate (and we know that dog's cant have that!) that is dog-safe.

So, these are ideal as a treat for your dog whenever you're having a cheeky chocolate... (Or Two!)


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