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Why training your dog is important

Why training your dog is important 2018-05-08 17:50:18

Why training your dog is more important than ever - by Keith Fallon Master Trainer & Behaviourist

Owning a dog is a pleasure or should be a pleasure. It has been proved to be beneficial for health and happiness and the thought of a loyal companion accompanying you on long country walks or playing excitedly with other dogs is what most dog owners have in mind. People own dogs for many reasons;companionship, a hobby, exercise, competitions, to look good even! 

However sometimes things don't work out as planned and increasingly I see owners in trouble for various reasons and suddenly things aren't looking so rosy.

Dogs need to be trained - fact. Trained to not go to the toilet in the house, trained to come back when called and so on. With todays pace of living dog training can often be overlooked or there is simply not enough time allocated to train sufficiently. 

Why should we train our dogs? 

Many dog owners are unaware of the laws around dog ownership. This covers control of your dog and its behaviour, chasing livestock and of course if you have a breed that is on the dangerous breeds list or has caused injury or even death.

The latest information on the law can be found here:

Dogs & Livestock 

Dangerous Breeds

Dogs not under control and if you have received a summons

Dangerously out of control dogs

The most common problems I see in my day to day training are:

Poor recall

Running up to people or dogs


Jumping up

The answer is to put together a training plan beginning with a puppy class for the basics and socialisation , followed by more advanced classes to teach your dog to come back under distraction ( other dogs, people, wildlife ). Training should continue for at least 12 months or until the dog is reliable.

Is your dogs Behaviour the problem ? Check out my Dog Behaviour Guide and see if behaviour is causing issues with your dogs training.

For dog owners with limited time to train have a look at my e-book Train your Dog in 20 minutes

Dog training classes with Keith Fallon I run a range of classes all outdoors including PuppyTraining, Junior classes, Private lessons, Livestock worrying courses and Gundog training

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