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Happy New 2021 to All

Happy New 2021 to All 2021-02-10 11:02:27

Happy New Year 2021 to All

Happy New Year to you all and let's hope we have a better 2021.

Did you know that January is Walk Your Dog Month!?
Is winter making walking your dog more of a chore than a good time? Well, that’s kind of the point behind January status as Walk Your Dog Month: during these coldest and shortest days of the year, we all need an excuse to get outside with our pets (and it is a great New Year’s Resolution too).


QDog Training Tip

This week’s QDog Training Tip is associated with Walking Your Dog.

Does your Dog Walk To Heel?

In an ideal world, your dog should be walking by your side. Here are some tips from our QDog Training App to help you. 

Make them remember that you are there!
Simply stop and wait every time your dog pulls ahead of you. Eventually, they will learn that their owner's legs do not work if they pull!

Change Direction
Using a longer lead simply turn around and walk back for a few steps each time they pull.

Walk Backwards
When your dog moves forward too far, stop and suddenly walk backwards 2 to 3 steps. Make sure your dog is facing you as you go backwards.

For more Dog Training Tips download the QDog App from our website. QDog App is written by Keith Fallon, Master Dog Trainer, Canine Behaviourist & Author. Currently, there is 25% Off the app, use code PIPPINGRAM! 


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