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The Fido Fax - Dog Training & Behaviour Manual  signed copy
Really useful book, learned lots of interesting things about my dog. Highly recommend.. ...»
Jane - Cheltenham
Walk Your Dog With Love Dog Harness - Classic (Black)
Have tried several harnesses before with my very enthusiastic (i.e. pulls like a train) working cocker spaniel. Have had this harness for a week and it has made a huge difference. Excellent... ...»
Walk Your Dog With Love Dog Harness - Classic (Black)
This harness is a miracle. I can't believe the difference it has made and walks are now a pleasure. It is really easy to fit. I feel so much more in control of my dog and it is good to know that he is.. ...»
Walk Your Dog With Love Dog Harness - Classic (Black)
This is a fantastic harness. I have used it from early on (4 months) with our labrador puppy, when going out where I did not want to or could not be training her. Without it, these situations would un.. ...»
Welcome to Cotswold Pet Supplies

Welcome to Cotswold Pet Supplies. I’ve worked as a Canine Trainer & Behaviourist for over 12 years and worked with in excess of 4,000 dogs and owners in that time. I’m a Master Trainer with the Guild of Dog Trainers and Behaviourist with the CFBA. Some notable moments over that time has been appearing briefly on BBCs Countryfile discussing sheep worrying issues, some radio interviews and achieving Business of the Year with the Fredericks Foundation.

I established Cotswold Pet Supplies in 2008 to provide quality dog products that were useful and effective.  The products I am offering in the Cotswold Pet Supplies shop have been carefully sourced and proven for their effectiveness during my years of helping dogs and their owners.

My top 5 issues that I see as a trainer/behaviourist

1. Pulling on the lead –  Product: Walk Your Dog with Love Harness or Dog Head Control Lead

2. Training issues due to poor concentration, excitability - Product: Fallon’s Dog Food, Salters

3. Digestion problems – Product: Fallon’s Dog Food, Salters

4. Anxiety/Nervousness – Product: Mind & Body 2 Dog Calmer Capsules

5. Recall problems - Product: Acme Whistles, Dog Training Line

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