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Walk Your Dog with Love - Dog Walking Belt

Walk Your Dog with Love - Dog Walking Belt
JAN: "No more sore arms & shoulders!" - Helen
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    Zen Hipster Walking Belt By Walk Your Dog With Love

    Convenience The Zen Hipster walking belt is perfect for all those reasons when you need an extra hand to hold the leash. Like while you need two hands to pick up after your dog, or a hand to reach into your pocket for a training treat, or you want to answer your cell phone, or because the leash is hard to hold while you are wearing those thick mittens . . . 

    Simple To Use It works with any standard leash. Just slide your leash handle onto the belt, buckle the belt around your hips . . . and walk! 

    The Zen Part Tension filled walks are a thing of the past. No more holding the leash with that two-fisted death grip because your dog pulls so hard. Because the leash is also being held by the belt you will be more relaxed . . . and so will your dog. Dogs pick up on our tension, they feel our stress, and then they become stressed. 

    The Hipster Part Have you ever seen a tug-of-war? The last person in the line ties the rope around their hips. Why? Because it is their center of gravity - it makes it harder to pull them over. It is a good solid position. They also get to put their full weight behind it. That is exactly what you want when you walk your dog . . . a good solid position! Even more important if you need to win a dog tug of war. This is the same reason a wrestler will get down low - so it is harder to pull them over. 

    The Zen Hipster lowers the leash to your center of gravity - so that you can counter your dog's natural low center of gravity and their 4-feet-on-the-floor traction. At your center of gravity is a much better position than with the leash in your hand, and pulling from your shoulder. Now it's harder for the dog to pull you, and you have better traction on the walk! 

    (This helps with the Zen part too - because it lets you relax on the walk. It is a better way to walk.) 

    Jogging/Running Walking belts are also known as running belts - as you can now jog with your dog, without having to focus on holding the leash. Careful please running with any dog - they don't sweat like we do and can overheat easily. 

    Great For Training Being connected to your dog this way is a classic, proven and simple training technique to get a dog to follow you. Now when you walk in one direction, the dog must follow you. You have both your body and your intention behind the walk. It is a great technique that works wonderfully with both pups and older dogs too. 

    Fits a 28-51 inch human waist. It is worn loosely over your clothing. Available in Black.

    "Funky name, simple and useful addition to your collection of dog owners paraphanalia. I have used this belt with up to 6 dogs attached and it gives you a starnge sense of freedom as your core waist area takes the strain not your poor old arms"

    Keith - Master Dog Trainer GoDT,owner Cotswold Pet Services

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