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Pero Grain Free Dog Training Treats 190g

Pero Grain Free Dog Training Treats 190g
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    Grain Free Treats – Suitable for all adult dog breeds 190g Tub

    A super sensitive and tasty treat for your dogs,  extremely popular with our furry little friends.

    Made with Ocean Fish & Tapioca, the high fish content contributes to a very palatable flavour, as well as helping digestion. Also completely wheat gluten free to avoid any skin allergies or digestive disorders.

    High Omega 3 levels as well as a bespoke herb and spice blend has been included to encourage healthy skin and coat condition as well as supporting joint function and mobility.

    These dog-bone treats are packed with antioxidants and prebiotic FOS & MOS to help populate the gut with good bacteria by feeding the natural prebiotic within the gut flora.


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