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Dot Dot Pet - Dog Eco Towels Pack of 20 Biodegradable - Special Offer 2 Boxes for £20!

Dot Dot Pet - Dog Eco Towels Pack of 20 Biodegradable - Special Offer 2 Boxes for £20!
JAN: These towels are great really dry the dog and get dirt off. They are surprisingly durable -23rd Sept 2023
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    *Special Offer 2 x Boxes for £20 usual price £14.99! 40 Towels in Total!*

    Tired of dealing with smelly dog towels scattered around your car or by the back door after walks or garden visits? 

    Eco Towels, the ultimate eco-friendly answer to hassle-free pet drying and maintaining hygienic environments. By Dot Dot Pet

    Why Choose Eco Towels?

    Our innovative Eco Towels are designed for both convenience and sustainability. These single-use towels are a game-changer when it comes to drying your furry friends or ensuring a clean space for them. Fully biodegradable, decomposing within just 75 days after use, leaving behind no harmful impact on the environment. Crafted from 100% natural fibres sourced from FSC-certified forests, you can feel good about using products that are gentle on the planet.

    Key Features:

    Highly Absorbent: Enjoy the power of superior absorption that leaves your pets dry and comfortable in no time; helping keep your car and home clean.

    Versatile: Whether it's for post-walk clean up, garden paw-drying, lining cat carriers, or maintaining small animal habitats, Eco Towels are your reliable all-in-one solution.

    Compact & Portable: With their convenient size and lightweight design, these towels are perfect for all of life's adventures with your furry companions

    Great for Puppy Training

    Benefits Beyond Convenience:

    By making the switch to Eco Towels, you're not only simplifying your pet care routine but also contributing to a cleaner planet. Say goodbye to the hassle of constant towel washing and the environmental footprint of your washing machine. Join us in taking a step towards a greener future while keeping your pets comfortable and your spaces clean.

    Product Details:

    Pack Size: 20 towels, 40 cm x 80 cm 

    Material: 100% natural fibers from FSC-friendly forests

    Biodegradability: Fully decomposes within 75 days

    Eco-Friendly: Reduce CO2 footprint associated with washing machines

    Easy Disposal: Dispose guilt-free knowing you're minimizing environmental impact

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