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Barker&Barker Natural Liver Dog Training Treats -Medium Sized Treats

Barker&Barker Natural Liver Dog Training Treats -Medium Sized Treats
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    Barker & Barker liver treats are an effective and healthy way of repeat rewarding your dog during a training session, especially clicker training, or for general good behaviour. If you need to get your dogs attention then our Liver Treats will ALWAYS do the job.

    As a bonus they won't break up in your pocket or treat bag and they don't smell or leave a residue.

    Not just for training, how about giving your dog a treat just because you love them, don't they deserve a treat now and again just as we do? Dogs adore liver, so give them what they really want!

    Simply break a treat over your dogs nose to release the great liver aroma that all dogs love and enjoy their undivided attention.

    Our Liver treats are made from only the highest quality EU certified desicated liver and other natural ingredients. All ingredients are of UK or EU origin.


    100% natural ingredients - No artificial additives of any kind - GM Free

    Great taste and aroma of liver that dogs love - low in fat - perfect for training

    Only 0.7 k cal per treat

    No smell or residue - won't crumble in your hand, pocket or treat bag

    High in protein - crucial for healthy growth and immune system maintenance

    Contains minerals that are crucial to maintain bone, muscle, nerve & coat health

    Contains B Complex vitamins which can help ward off allergies, infections & stress

    Feeding Guide:

    Small Breed (5-15 kg)

    20-30 treats

    Medium Breed (15-22 kg)

    30-40 treats

    Large breed (22-34 kg+)

    40-60 treats

     This is a guide only, individual needs may vary depending on age, breed and activity level.

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