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Dog Car Safety Belt

Dog Car Safety Belt
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    More than one in four dog-owning motorists may unwittingly be breaking the law when it comes to transporting their pets, by not keeping them restrained when their vehicles are on the road.  


    Securing your dog in your car makes sense.  A Vehicle Safety Belt can stop your dog distracting you whilst driving and help prevent an accident.  It can also restrain your dog when you stop suddenly or swerve unexpectedly.  And if you are involved in an accident, the Safety Belt can help prevent your injured and/or scared pet jumping out into the traffic.  


    The Dog Vehicle Safety Belt:

    • Adjusts to 4 lengths ranging from 32 inches to 12 inches. 
    • Works with any dog harness.
    • Works in any vehicle
    • Has no moving sliders, which can break
    • Is bright orange so it can be seen by First Responders.
    • Is simple to use


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    "As with all of the products from Walk your Dog with Love this a simple yet effective product. Simply attach one of the carabiner style clips to a headrest or luggage point and the other to your dogs collar - one safe and secured dog"

    Keith - Master Dog Trainer GoDT,owner Cotswold Pet Services

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